15-Minute Manifestation Techniques to Manifest Your Desires Quickly

This program, 15-Minute Manifestation, reveals manifestation techniques so you can learn how to manifest your desires using the power of thought quickly.

How do you breakthrough and release all the deep seated thoughts that won’t let you go when everything else you’ve tried has failed?

Here’s what I learned and I didn’t need to spend hours or years meditating (which, by the way, I’d already tried). You don’t need to interpret dreams, read countless books on attracting and intending, create vision boards, or pay for costly seminars (which I’d also tried).


I was able to bypass all the time-consuming manifestation techniques and go straight to the source – the subconscious.

  • It only took a few short minutes a day
  • I was able to make “corrections” to my subconscious thought patterns so they rejected negative thoughts that were deeply rooted, the thoughts that continued to hide themselves even though I went through all the meditating, mantras, intending and all the rest of the techniques that are popular today
  • And I was able to form new, powerful thoughts that will became my reality in the same way the old thoughts did.

I’m sure by now you’re asking the same question I had when I first discovered this incredible program:


How does it work?

Let me explain it in simple terms.


15-Minute Manifestation uses theta brainwave technology to bring your brain into the theta state almost instantly. And this is where the magic happens. This is where the subconscious is most receptive to messages using the power of thought.

You may experience, as I did, vivid imagery, long forgotten memories, and intuition leading to creative ideas. I experienced information that apparently was beyond what I are able to receive during my waking hours.

But I wasn’t asleep and I didn’t forget the thoughts I had, as is so often the case when we dream.


15-Minute Manifestation is the last tool I’ll ever need and it only took 15 minutes a day

  • There are no long and tedious books to read, no theories to understand and nothing to memorize
  • All you need is a pair of headphones

Why are you still holding on to all those destructive subconscious thoughts? The technology is available NOW!

By utilizing your brain’s naturally occurring theta waves – the same waves that occur in sleep and deep meditation – you can reprogram your thoughts to get rid of those that have been making you miserable and keeping you from moving forward.


15-Minute Manifestation is easy and inexpensive (thankfully, because I’d already spent a small fortune and a lot of time on books and seminars that didn’t work). And the benefits are enormous. There’s absolutely no risk because the program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee!

Don’t waste any more precious time being frustrated because you’re unable to live a life that’s fulfilling your dreams. Get this program in hand today and discover what I did – that in just 15 minutes a day, you can become the person you want to be using these manifestation techniques with the power of thought. It’s easy and quick and you’ll wonder why you lived so long without it!

~ Eddie Sergey


How to Avoid New Job Burnout – Its Real

How to Avoid New Job Burnout

Starting a new job can be difficult. You can expect those first few weeks to be filled with introductions, inductions and training sessions. Taking in all of this new information, and getting up to speed can be tiring, and you might find your working day spilling into out of work hours. Before you know it, you could find yourself veering towards new job burnout.

New job burnout strikes when you push yourself too hard, and start falling into bad habits concerning your diet and lifestyle. Feeling completely exhausted certainly won’t be conducive to your success within your new role, or your own well-being. Therefore, it is essential that you take some active steps to establish a work-life balance and avoid new job burnout from day one. Here’s how:

The importance of getting enough sleep

Multiple studies have shown how much sleep can impact our physical and mental health. This research in particular conducted by the RAND research group demonstrates how sleep deprivation can negatively affect our immune systems, our emotions, as well as our cognitive functions; from processing new information, to problem solving, and decision making.

Long hours and a lack of sleep when you start a new role, therefore, could quite easily lead to new job burnout. By not getting enough sleep, you will increase your chances of getting ill, you will become more irritable and stressed, and you will also take longer to learn new information. They say the average person needs eight hours sleep but sometimes when you’re starting a new role it can be hard to switch off and get the sleep you need, so try these tips:

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YOU Are An Expert…Find Your Message

YOU Are An Expert…Find Your Message

You have information that other people do not know.  That makes you an expert.

Other people would like to know what you know. So what do you do?

You build a tribe and give them your message. 

Yes, I know its easier said then done so…

I just hooked you up…

Russell Brunson launched his new book called:

“Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice…”

And I got you a FREE copy (you’ve just got to cover shipping).

Go to this page now, and let him know where to ship it:



Mike J Anthony

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Russell is mailing you a physical copy of his new book. The book is free, and all you pay is the shipping costs.

There’s no catch… no gimmicks… You will NOT be signing up for any “trial” to some monthly program or anything like that.

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The Last Time You Lent Someone Money…What Happened?

“Saving must become a priority, not just a thought. Pay yourself first.”

~Dave Ramsey


When people ask to borrow money, I have a standard answer:


It doesn’t matter who it is, or what they say the money is for, that’s my default answer.

And as a result, rarely do people ask to borrow money from me.

It’s not that I don’t care or don’t want to help them…

It’s just that I know from experience most people will not pay me back, and then I’ll have to waste even more money (in the form of my time) chasing them down.

Besides, the people who most often ask others to borrow money are the same people struggle the most with keeping money.

They are often perpetually broke.   They might mean well, but they have bad financial habits.

More cashflow to them just means they have more money to spend faster.

I’m sure you’ve heard how most lottery winners who win million dollar jackpots are broke within 5 years.  It’s very true.  At my Platinum Mastermind, which is all about wealth-creation, wealth-retention, and investing, we actually show studies that talk about this phenomenon.

Despite what most believe, more cashflow is not the answer to becoming financially free if you have poor financial habits.

I’ve found that the majority of the population are terrible when it comes to money.  Not just average, but terrible.

They struggle to make it.  And they struggle even more to keep it.

It’s no surprise though.  Their habits around money have formed from decades of conditioning.  Conditioning from their parents, the education system, and society – who for the most also have no clue about managing money.

So please don’t take this as me judging broke people or thinking I’m any smarter than them.

I was just taught good financial lessons from a young age.

My parents were not wealthy.  They were, and still are wheat and sheep farmers.

Supporting 4 kids was really hard for them.  They had to be careful not to waste money.

For example, I’d never get new clothes – I’d always get hand-me-downs.

Not the clothes first worn by my older brother either, but the clothes from our even-older brother.  By the time they got to me they’d be full of holes.

So I learned to save money well, and to be comfortable with the idea of accumulating cash without the urge to go immediately spend it.

When I was 9, my brother and I started selling potatoes on the side of the road.

Some parents might stop their kids from doing that, thinking it’s too dangerous.  Not mine.  When we had our first $9 day from 3 customers, they celebrated that with us.

After that, I had these huge ambitions to build my potato stall empire.

I planted a whole garden of potatoes and waited months for them to fully grow… then just before harvesting them, my sister ripped every single one of them out of the ground in retaliation for some argument we had. The business never recovered.

There were lots of little business’s like that, and I was always encouraged to pursue them.

I was told to constantly ‘save’ and not waste money – so I was and still am to this day very frugal.

Most people are the opposite.

I know people who’ve made in the high tens of millions of dollars who are close to broke.  They’re unable to pay vendors, affiliates, and the rent on their extravagant homes.

They have a talent for generating money, but no clue on how to manage it.

My point is, most people (maybe even you) have a very different experience when it comes to learning about making and keeping their money.

If you weren’t as fortunate as I was in that area, don’t worry too much.  You can learn new financial habits.

The first thing you’ve got to do is stop wasting money on things you don’t need.

For myself, I spend aggressively on things which can generate more money, and which I enjoy.  I buy a lot of assets.  Like the piece of real estate I’m on right now typing this to you.

Most people spend aggressively on things that don’t generate more money, but which they enjoy.  They buy a lot of liabilities.  The latest set of golf clubs.  The new purse from Louis Vutton.  A brand new top-of-the line BMW.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy your money.

But what counts is that your net expenditure is in favor of assets, not liabilities.  As long as you consistently invest more of your cashflow into assets, then it’s actually difficult for you to end up poor.

Of course, you’ll need to be generating enough cash where you’re able to fund a modest lifestyle and have some left over to invest in those assets.

And that’s the second thing you’ve got to do; start a business.  Do it part-time in the beginning, but move to full time as soon as you have consistent cash coming in.

Watch this short video by billionaire Mark Cuban – about saving and getting your company off the ground:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYdrMXkYQfM

Then watch this video on starting a profitable, high ticket online business: http://track.mobetrack.com/SHTsE

Matt Lloyd

The Secret to Time, Money, and Freedom

The Secret to Time, Money, and Freedom

The Secret to Time, Money, and FreedomWhen we were growing up, our parents and teachers told us that if we wanted to be successful, we had to work hard and never cut corners.

They lied to us.

Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of people who work really hard and are still really poor?

Meanwhile, look around and you’ll see a ton of people who barely work at all and yet make a lot of money.

Which would you rather be?

Here’s the truth: The people who make the most money aren’t always the hardest workers. They are the ones who know how to take shortcuts, and who are willing to do what it takes to get the cash in the door.

That’s why I want to talk to you for a minute about living The Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle (UDCL)

It was created by a gentleman I know named John, who has become a multimillionaire by helping people learn how to cut corners and make money for themselves – and him.

His system shows you how to have more time, money and location freedom by simply finding leads online.

Your total workload for the day ends up consisting of copying an email, sticking your name on it, and then hitting “send”. 

At the end of the day, you get paid for each lead that converts into a paying customer.

Best of all, you get a coach to teach you exactly what you have to do to follow John’s system and start making money right away.

When you are willing to grow up and admit that your parents were WRONG, click on the link below and learn how to get the UDCL system working in your favor.

>>> http://mikejanthony.com/ultimatedotcomlifestyle

Thank you,

Mike J Anthony

😈 10 Ways to Know You’re Not Cut Out For A Cubicle

Cubicle Hell

Are you in cubicle hell like in the pic above?

I wish I could take credit for these but this list actually comes from a gal named Alli Woods Frederick, with some minor tweaks of my own in there for clarity.

That said, its still how I feel, since I work a cubicle job and I know many others with this type of job will relate.

Lets get to it:

#1) When your work clothes feel like the nylon equivalent of a medieval torture device

#2) The mere thought of going back to work makes you feel like going bat-shit crazy on some one or some thing

#3) When clocking in each morning feels like yet another date with the Grim Reaper

#4) When you realize your number of wrinkles and gray hairs are directly proportional to your number of work emails

#5) When the words “Team Meeting” literally make your head spin

#6) When you realize EXACTLY how you spend 8 hours of your day, 5 days a week…knowing full well you only actually get 15 minutes of any real work done on any given day

#7) …And that spending your life that way is driving you INSANE

#8) Which makes you fantasize about blowing up the entire f’king office

#9) Then you realize how hard it is to get a hold of a thermo-nuclear device and begin to consider other ways to deal with the stress & bullshit, i.e. synthetic substances via hypodermic injections (drugs)

#10) But then you remember you’re afraid of needles so you think about quitting which makes you feel all giddy inside

If any or all of these thoughts and feelings occur to you as you sit in cubicle hell, drowning in a flood of emails…

…Or if Patty comes by and asks you to sign a birthday card and chip in for a cake and a present for Julie, who you’ve never met and don’t honestly give two shits about, makes option #8, blowing up the office,  seem brilliant to the point that you start searching eBay for a used copy of ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’, then this list is for you.

You, Sir or Maam, need to start considering a change of venue because this cubicle stuff just isn’t your cup of tea!

Here’s How to Get All the Benefits of an Online Business Without Having to Build It Yourself:

See you inside,

~Mike J Anthony

“Terminating the forces of financial slavery and poverty”