How to Avoid New Job Burnout – Its Real

How to Avoid New Job Burnout

Starting a new job can be difficult. You can expect those first few weeks to be filled with introductions, inductions and training sessions. Taking in all of this new information, and getting up to speed can be tiring, and you might find your working day spilling into out of work hours. Before you know it, you could find yourself veering towards new job burnout.

New job burnout strikes when you push yourself too hard, and start falling into bad habits concerning your diet and lifestyle. Feeling completely exhausted certainly won’t be conducive to your success within your new role, or your own well-being. Therefore, it is essential that you take some active steps to establish a work-life balance and avoid new job burnout from day one. Here’s how:

The importance of getting enough sleep

Multiple studies have shown how much sleep can impact our physical and mental health. This research in particular conducted by the RAND research group demonstrates how sleep deprivation can negatively affect our immune systems, our emotions, as well as our cognitive functions; from processing new information, to problem solving, and decision making.

Long hours and a lack of sleep when you start a new role, therefore, could quite easily lead to new job burnout. By not getting enough sleep, you will increase your chances of getting ill, you will become more irritable and stressed, and you will also take longer to learn new information. They say the average person needs eight hours sleep but sometimes when you’re starting a new role it can be hard to switch off and get the sleep you need, so try these tips:

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